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" Now I'm a best seller...


I couldn't have hit #1 on Amazon's "games" category without these guys. Createbook was extremely helpful... The design of my e-book was fundamental to my success. "

Cris Statz

Modern Card Counting

"My publishing solution...


Reaching into the e-book market was something my publishing house could not do alone. Outsourcing the work to Createbook was a successful step for our publishing house."

Michael A. Faris

About Time Publishing

"Having our children's books converted for Amazon could not have been easier. I much prefer their one time fee over a share in my book's earnings."


Helene Laliseuse- Publisher
Un Amour de Pylône

"Createbook did an excellent job in converting my PDF document to a Kindle book. Thank you."


Samuel Gerstein, M.D.- Author
Live Your Dreams, Doctor's Orders