Previewing your EPUB or Kindle eBook

Previewing your ebook is an essential step in any pre-launch plan. Whether you’ve created your ebook from scratch or hired a professional service such as Createbook, a thorough preview will set your mind at ease.

*Disclaimer* While previewing your ebook from a computer can save time, there are a huge variety of devices which can read ebooks. Universal display requires dynamic formatting to industry best standards. This is why Createbook only codes to best practices and tests each ebook on over a dozen popular devices.

Step 1 – Choosing the correct ebook preview software

When it comes to previewing your epub or kindle ebook, there are dozens of pieces of software which claim to work. Unfortunately, almost all of these programs use their own code to render the ebook. This means you will not be seeing exactly what your readers are seeing on devices like Kindle, or the Kindle smartphone app. This is why there is only one real option for previewing your book – Amazon’s Kindle Previewer

Kindle Previewer – Not only does this program render your ebook in exactly the same way that all kindle devices and apps but it’s also completely free.

Here’s how to install, open, and preview with the Kindle Previewer:

Install – Go to

Scroll down the page a little until you see the download button. There is one for Windows and one for Mac. It will look like this –


Once you’ve downloaded the program, you will need to install it. If a dialogue box does not open automatically to guide you through the installation, find where the file was downloaded to and open it.


Now that Kindle previewer is installed, open it! It may open automatically, or you will need to find it on your computer.

Step Two – Navigating the eBook Preview

Now that you have the previewer installed and open on your desktop, simply drag and drop your MOBI or EPUB ebook file onto the open program window. Alternatively, you can go to “File” in the top left of the program window and locate your ebook’s file from there.

Kindle previewer

Now that you have your ebook open, it is simply a matter of checking the different elements of the book. To check the cover, click the cover button on the top right or scroll back through the pages to the very beginning. To view the Tale of Contents, click the ToC button or NCX view buttons on the top right. You can also rotate the screen to simulate landscape perspective and switch between different kindle devices. You can also scroll through your book page by page to see exactly what your readers will be seeing.

Corefires preview

With these steps, previewing your kindle or epub ebook is a breeze. Not only is it fast and easy, it is also 100% free.

If you are having trouble getting your ebook to display correctly, contact us at for more specific information.

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eBook Keyword Research 101

No matter how well written your book is if people don’t see it online – they won’t read it! Picking out the correct keywords for your book is essential if you want to tap into the hundreds of millions of people that search Amazon and other major retailers every day. So how exactly do you find and apply the best keywords for your book?

Step One – Define Your Genre / Category

There are thousands of different categories which a book could fit into. It’s important to find the most specific category for your book in order to develop an accurate keyword strategy. Try searching through the book categories on Amazon or by going over the BISAC category database.

Step Two – Make A List of Keywords

The next step is to make a list of as many words as you think might apply to people searching for books in your genre. Take some time to think this list over and ask friends and family for assistance. You should try to come up with at least 40 words or variations. Here is an example of a section of a list for a Chinese Recipe Cookbook –

  • Chinese recipes
  • Takeout recipes
  • Takeout cookbook
  • Asian cookbook
  • Asian Cuisine cookbook
  • Chinese cookbook
  • Kung Pow Chicken
  • Rice Dishes
  • Authentic Chinese
  • etc…

Step Three – Filter Your List Through Amazon

We’re almost done! The next step is to take the list of keywords you’ve compiled and filter them through Amazon’s search. How do you do this? It’s easier than you might think. Open up the Amazon home page. Now, in the category dropdown next to the search, scroll down until you find “Kindle Store.” Now your searches are limited to kindle books, which will keep you from getting unrelated keywords for other products. Now, one-by-one, type out the keywords from your list into the Amazon search bar. As you are typing, Amazon will provide a drop down of auto-fill “long-tail” searches – these are what we are looking for.




As you go through your list, you will be typing out your keywords, then writing down the most applicable long-tail keywords. Once you have gone through your entire list, save this new list of long-tail keywords. Amazon only accepts 7 keywords on your ebook’s upload page, so pick out 7 distinct long-tails. Save the rest of the list for other marketing strategies such as online forum posts or article writing.

There you have it! A quick and easy solution to finding the best keywords for your book. Want more extensive research? Createbook is always happy to help!

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Welcome to Createbook’s “Become a Published Author” training

First, I want to say congratulations on  your decision to become a self-published author.  You are about to start an amazing journey that will change your life forever.  A self-published author is one that has decided to self-publish their work without going the traditional route of agents and publishing houses. It is our goal, here at Createbook is to help you get your book published and distributed in as many outlets as possible.

This section is dedicated to providing as much up-to-date information as possible about self-publishing.  Here you will find articles on all kinds of topics.  You will also find help in setting goals, plans for self promotion, ideas for traffic generation, tools to help you market and so much more.  Come back often for new content as we grow our library.  Once again, congratulations on your decision to become a published author and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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